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How to use elete

When should I take elete™?

You can use elete™ anytime. Whether you're participating in any form of exercise, a sports event or training, you can add elete™ to your water bottle or hydration system and drink it to help stay hydrated before, during and after activity. Also because elete™ contains magnesium and potassium the magnesium will help to reduce fatigue and tiredness and contribute to providing more energy whilst the potassium will help muscles function properly. You can also mix elete™ with any drink (hot or cold) or food and consume after activity to speed hydration to each cell of the body and support recovery.

How much elete™ should I take?

We recommend that, as a general guide, 2.5ml of elete™ is added to each litre of water or drink consumed (one capful from the 25ml pocket bottle – or 1/2 a teaspoon). However, everyone has a different biological make-up which means different amounts can be required by different people. Furthermore, with 80% of the population of the Western World believed to be depleted in magnesium* (reference ‘Human needs for Magnesium’), for example, means that many people would benefit from higher amounts of elete™; at least when one begins to use it so that residual levels of electrolytes and trace and ultra-trace minerals can be built up.

elete™ Dosage Chart (from 25ml Bottle)
Fluid Quantity ML Drops Caps
500ml 1.25 32 Cover the threads
1 Litre 2.5 64 1 full cap


What if I am not experiencing the full benefits of elete™?

If you find that elete™ does not appear to be working for you at the 2.5ml per litre dilution level, we suggest that the amount used per litre is doubled to 5ml per litre and increased in increments of 2.5ml thereafter until its benefit is experienced. After taking at these increased levels for a while you will find you can decrease the amount per litre used as your body will have by now built up a higher residual level of the electrolytes and trace and ultra-trace minerals present in elete™.

Does elete™ have any side effects and can I take too much?

elete™ is a totally safe product (it is classified as a food supplement) and is 100% natural. It can do no harm to you. The only side effect is that if excessive quantities are taken it can cause loose bowels. If this condition is experienced, simply reduce the quantity used.

Can I refill my 25ml pocket bottle when it runs out?

Yes you can. Simply pull/flip off the nozzle from the 25ml bottle and then fill it up again using one of the refill size bottles you can buy – they come in 120ml, 240ml or 480ml sizes.

Is there an alternative to the elete™ concentrate liquid?

Yes there is. We also produce elete TabLytes™ which are a dried form of elete™. These should be swallowed with the water or drink of your choice. In order for them to function properly you do need to consume the same quantity of water or drink you would if you were using the elete™ concentrate, as H2O is needed for hydration to work.  Also we have created CitriLyte™ for those people who prefer to have a ‘taste’ in their drink.  In this case the refreshing tart taste is the result of adding an organic source of citric acid to elete™ and you should add at least 3.0ml (the equivalent of 2.5ml of elete™) to each litre of water. 

Is elete™ safe to use in my hydration system?

Yes, it is. Indeed, elete™ is the only electrolyte-replacement formula which is truly compatible with hydration systems. Other products dye bladders, leave an unpleasant aftertaste, are difficult to clean out of hydration systems and can cause them to ‘fur up’. elete™ does not have any of these problems. Cleaning elete™ (or CitriLyte™) from a hydration system is no different than cleaning after normal water use; elete™ leaves no residue behind.

Can I take elete™ even if I'm not active?

Certainly. elete™ is designed for anyone who wants an alternative to high-priced, high-sugar, high-calorie soft drinks, juices, and sports drinks. Everyone can benefit from the electrolytes in elete™ as they support a number of vital functions in the body. They not only allow your body to stay hydrated, but electrolytes help the brain and nervous system transmit and receive important signals, help the body's cells generate energy and enable muscles to contract and relax. Magnesium, for instance, is an essential mineral that is known to be involved in more than 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

Can I add elete™ to my sports drink?

Yes, you can.  elete™ can be added to any drink or food. It is great in coffee and food as it acts as a flavour enhancer. This total flexibility is one of elete’s™ major benefits in that it means you can individually customise exactly how you want to consume it, in terms of with what, when and in what quantity.

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