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An electrolyte is any substance that dissociates into ions when dissolved in a suitable medium (such as water) and thus becomes a conductor of electricity.  The minerals, trace elements, ultra-trace elements dissolved in a water medium would have gained or lost one or more of their valence electrons thus giving them a net positive or negative electrical ‘ionic’ charge.  In this form there is no further digestive process required.  If needed by the body they are readily absorbed.

Many sports drinks which claim to contain electrolytes do not - as the minerals they contain are not in ionic form. This means that such drinks will NOT hydrate effectively. Also they may often contain only one or two minerals. elete™ contains not only the four major ionically charged electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride) generally recognised as being essential but also a significant number of trace and ultra-trace elements that are naturally present in the solar concentrated brines that mixed together to create elete™. 

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