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Mineral Resources International (UK) Ltd.
16 Riverview, Station Road
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United Kingdom
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MRI (UK) Ltd, which holds the European Distribution rights for elete™, was founded by David Thomas. During his youth David was a national sprint champion and member of the first GB Junior athletics team and as a result he became well aware of the critical need to keep the body properly hydrated.

Following his athletics career, David then went on to train as a geologist which provided him the knowledge to understand the complex geology of the land surrounding and feeding the Great Salt Lake with its unique mineral rich water, which is where elete™ originates from.

He then took a different direction and trained as a nutritionist and chiropractor. These latter skills allowed him to come to understand the critical role that electrolytes and other trace and ultra trace minerals play in the efficient running of the body and mind, all of which need to be in peak condition when exercising and playing sport.

It was the bringing together of this unique combination of skills and knowledge which brought elete™ to the attention of David, and so MRI (UK) Ltd was born.

David is committed to providing products with excellent provenance, 100% natural ingredients and above all which do ‘what they say on the tin’. elete™ ticks all these boxes perfectly and it is his passion to spread the word and to have this truly exceptional product being used by as many people as possible who exercise and/or play sport across Europe.

I hope that you find elete™ an exciting product that meets with your best expectations. I value feedback from all our customers (and possibly some ideas too!) as I want to be sure of providing you with exactly what you want - so please give me your feedback

Best wishes
David Thomas