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elete™ is the only concentrated source of electrolytes which will provide the necessary electrolytes (magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride) in an ionically charged form that are essential for efficient hydration to take place. In addition to the 4 major electrolytes mentioned, because elete™ comprises of a blend of naturally derived brines, it also contains over 70 other trace and ultra-trace minerals in their readily absorbable ionic form.
elete™ has been shown to hydrate significantly better than water alone through a scientific study on Californian Firefighters:  other advantages include:-
  • Optimum hydration and electrolyte balance will aid: the negative effects of cramping, maintain mental focus and provide a sound basis for energy efficiency.
  • elete™ is totally 100% natural, has zero calories, contains no sugars, sweeteners, flavours, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Extra ingredients, especially artificial, inappropriate ones, when not required can cause bloating, stomach cramps and set off the gag reflex. 
  • elete™ has virtually no flavour.
  • elete™ usage is highly flexible – for instance it can be added to carbohydrates before a exhaustive training session or competition, used with water during the activity and (if required) added to a protein drink subsequent to an event.
  • elete™ is highly portable. The tiny 25ml pocket bottle will make up 10 litres of sports drink.
  • elete™ is THE most effective way to hydrate. Because it contains all four main electrolytes in a totally ionically charged form in combination with an array of other trace and ultra-trace elements.
  • elete™ when mixed with water has been shown to hydrate the user with 40% less water, enabling the user thus to carry less water (either inside or outside the body) and still stay optimally hydrated. Benefits in terms of weight saving are obvious.
  • elete™ is excellent value, being considerably cheaper than its nearest competitor and yet also able to demonstrate being the most effective electrolyte product one can buy.
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