Clinical Study which demonstrates that elete can reduce the amount of water needed to hydrate by more than 40%

This is a significant benefit when considering how heavy water is to carry and was revealed in a peer review published study using forest fire fighters in California. The study was conducted in the summer of 2008 by The University of Montana, in which 8 forest fire fighters were given water with elete added and 8 were given plain water over a period of five days of intense forest fire fighting. The results were astounding; those with elete in their water on average consumed 42.6% less fluid.

The following documents comprise a peer review of the study, a summary abstract of the study, and the full text of the study titled:
Fire Fighter Hydration Clinical Study – Peer Review by Paul S Auerbach, M.D. of Stanford University – January 2009 Fire Fighter Hydration Clinical Study – Full Report
Effects of an Electrolyte Additive on Hydration and Drinking Behavior During Wildfire Suppression.