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When my heart doctor recommended elete Electrolyte Add-In following my recent surgery, I had no idea why. Even though my heart surgery was successful, I still suffer with some serious health problems as a result of having low blood pressure and a low heart rate. My doctor felt that I really needed a specialized supplement in order to try to balance my electrolytes. He only wanted me to try your product.

I can honestly say that since using the elete Electrolyte Add-In for the past month I've been noticing a change in the way I feel. By boosting my electrolytes and keeping them more balanced, I am alleviating some of the symptoms I was having. This week in particular I began resuming some mild exercise. I've been using the elete CitriLyte Add-In before I exercise, during my exercise, and at other times throughout the day. I feel much better overall. I feel stronger and less tired. It's hard to put into words. All I know is that it has been making a very positive difference in my health.

I plan on continuing with this great product for a very long time.

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