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To The Amazing Founder Of elete: First, I want to express my gratitude for your product and share with you the extreme results from my own experience as a professional body builder. I have been training for 27 years and have been awakened from a deep sleep in excruciating pain from cramping that would last for hours bringing tears to my eyes not to mention many hours of sleep deprivation. I can speak for many of those in my profession and state that this is a regular occurrence for body builders. All we could do was bear the pain.

Now, thanks to elete, I can genuinely say that I can take your product when I get a cramp, and VOILÀ, within fifteen minutes the cramping subsides, and I can go back to sleep. I just had an episode recently, and I was prepared with what I like to call a real MIRACLE for the body building profession. No more countless hours of lost sleep due to the strenuous regimen that posing in competition requires and the fact that I train daily. I’ll never miss a beat in any competition now! I will share and recommend your product to every one I meet with great sincerity. IT WORKS!!!

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