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As a 24 Hour endurance mountain bike racer living in the desert, I am sometimes required to train in temperatures exceeding 105 degrees. Because of the extreme duration of training rides, races and temperatures, cramping is always a major concern. Until recently, I used a common electrolyte supplement capsule, which I broke apart and added to my liquid fuels. The results were okay, but the process of breaking apart the capsules was a hassle and the contents settled in the bottle unless constantly shaken. Through Interbike, I was immediately interested in the eleteproduct. The concept was sound and as most good products are, quite simple — a highly potent electrolyte supplement, virtually untasteable and easy to mix in single dosage packets. Without the opportunity to experiment with the product before a national 24 Hour race (usually not a good idea), I used elete instead of my normal electrolyte supplement. With elete as a part of my nutritional plan, I had my first 24 Hour solo victory! Cramping was a non-issue and my pit crew liked elete because of its ease of use. elete is now a permanent part of my training and racing program. The results speak for themselves. When every advantage counts, count on elete. I do! I am looking forward to even more success with elete next season.

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