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Michael J. Onkels, D.c. 2009 U.S. Cycling National Champion

I just wanted to let you know that I just won my first U.S. National Road Racing Championship in Louisville, KY this week using elete electrolyte drops. It was the first time I used them and I thought you would be happy to know that I really feel it helped me stave off cramps in the final few miles! Over the past couple of years I have developed cramps during intense exercise more frequently. So, the morning of the National Championship Road Race I grabbed my eleteElectrolyte drops and added them to all of my bottles. Everything was on the line that day, and I was looking not only for any advantage but also to avoid any potential trouble!

As the race began, the usually warm, muggy Louisville temperatures had given way to a quite mild 70 degrees. Cramping was the last thing on my mind at that point, but with 16 miles to go in the 60-mile race against the best in the country, I attacked. My legs felt great and the miles flew by! Up and down the rolling terrain. Around the curves and through the corners I raced. All that stood between victory and me was a couple of hills. The race official drove up to me and notified me that I had a 50-second lead. I turned up the last big hill when it happened. Both quads cramped simultaneously. Panic set in as I thought I might lose the lead. A couple of light pedal strokes, a quick drink of water and with elete and my legs loosened up—a close call indeed. It’s times like that you appreciate taking the small steps towards victory. Racing up to the finish line it finally hit me when I heard the announcer say, "Here comes your new National Champion, Mike Onkels!" Thanks elete for helping me achieve my win!

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