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I do a lot of travelling around the world – a typical year takes me to 10 countries or so and all sorts of environments, from the hot and humid southeast Asia to cold Chicago winters. And now elete is part of my standard arsenal when I travel.

I first heard about elete as an electrolyte replacement from first responders for the Haiti Earthquake and how first responders didn't have to suck down sports drinks to stay hydrated and active. When I had went to Singapore and Malaysia in December of 2009, I was drinking 7-8 litres of water a day through my Camelbak. At the end of the day, I felt horrible and lethargic. Between 90+ temps and 90% humidity, I was in bad shape.

Flash forward to April. I went to Vietnam and faced the same type of weather conditions. This time I was drinking 2 litres of elete-treated water and felt in better shape. I was outdoors longer, felt like I had more energy and wasn't as bad as I was in Singapore/Malaysia. That little dropper bottle of elete had helped me out big time. The best part was that I could avoid sports drinks like G_______ and the sheer amount of sugar that's in them. Typically when I'm dehydrated, sugar is the last thing I need because I just feel even worse after drinking them.

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