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Lanny (U.S. Champion) and Tracy (3rd Place, U.S. Nationals) Barnes, Olympian biathletes, North American and U.S. National Championship:elete™ Electrolyte Add-In has been a huge contributing factor to our success. Your body needs the important electrolytes elete™ has to perform and compete at a high level. Not only are elete™ electrolytes important in racing, but training as well. It helps to keep our muscles from cramping during exercise as well as speeds recovery by replenishing important electrolytes. With the demanding training and racing schedule we have in a biathlon, we use elete™ electrolytes to keep us performing at our best.

Re CitriLyte:- We use the original elete just about every day in training. It's almost a staple for us. No matter the temperature (hot or cold), when you are pushing your body to the limits you need to replace the lost electrolytes that you are losing and elete™ does that. It helps us to avoid fatigue and steer clear of any cramping. Other electrolyte replacements are too sugary and often unnecessary during training. We'd rather be getting those calories from quality foods than empty liquid calories. We were immediately hooked to the CitriLyte. Elete had the right idea when it added essential elements that your body needs to their already great product. The CitriLyte has a great subtle flavour and is perfect for any athlete looking to perform.

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