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As I told you earlier, my wife’s discovery of your product was the most important addition to my training, and allowed me to complete my latest endeavour without medical assistance. I’ve always been an outdoor activist, and I’ve done several 24-hour mountain bike events. I do the Birkie yearly, and I ride several century events each year. Since high school I’ve had a tendency to cramp, especially in warm weather. I also sweat profusely. In this, my fiftieth year, I decided to compete in over 500 miles of running and biking events. In one such event, ‘The Horribly Hilly Hundred’, I had to get sagged in secondary due to cramping, GI discomfort, and impending hypoglycaemia - I have also been an insulin-dependent diabetic for the past 22 years.

During my training for my first marathon I learned a lot about my physiology. I liked water the best, but I had problems on a daily basis with cramps—my fingers, my feet, major muscle groups, etc. Electrolyte drinks and powders were intolerable after about 17 miles. I spent four hours prostrate after the last 22-mile run of my build-up. I started to doubt that I could run a marathon. My wife found your product online. I added it to my drinking water, not only when I ran, but at work, during meals, and occasionally to my food. My sweat started to taste salty again, and my hands and feet stopped cramping. Water tasted good! I finished the marathon—close to my goal time, but more importantly, with no cramps and a gut that was functioning normally. My blood sugar was normal and I needed no medical assistance. Thank you! I’m giving your name to all my friends.

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