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My personal cycling goal of riding 100 miles in one day had been eluding me since I’d gotten back into cycling 6 years ago. The reason is leg cramps. Either my knees or thighs would cramp so badly around 50-60 miles that I would have to stop in the middle of the road and could not move for several minutes. Besides being totally embarrassed, it was extremely dangerous straddling the bike and not being able to move. On more that one occasion, this situation resulted in stares and very interesting comments that I’d better not repeat here.

Recently I was reading a magazine and saw the elete ad. The thing that caught my eye was it said it could prevent cramps. I checked out the website and read the testimonials. After reading each one I decided to give it a try. I ordered the packets for the 70-100 oz. bladders. There was a local one day event that had a 100 mile route as one of the options. I decided this was it. If it’s gonna work, its gotta work NOW! My daughter and I decided to do the 100-mile route. I filled the bladder and started sipping approximately 30 minutes prior to the event. At about 60 miles, my legs felt like they had been riding for 60 miles but still no cramps. Several times I felt as if a cramp was about to prevent me from reaching my goal. I’d just take a sip or two and no cramp!

When we finished, we knew we’d ridden 100 miles but no cramps. I was ready for my big event of the year. Five consecutive days on the bike during DALMAC. Lansing to Mackinaw City. Approximately 350 miles. Heat, head winds and leg-burning climbs. Guess what? No cramps! I am convinced your product works and has helped me reach my century goal.

Thank you!!!

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