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Prior to the Alandalus ultra trail run in Spain I had always been plagued by severe cramps and crashes associated with insufficient balanced electrolyte reserves and processing which resulted in much slower times in ultra distance events compared to shorter runs.

I encountered Dave Thomas at the race and enquired if elete water would be a suitable solution to this problem. He had no doubts that elete water would completely eliminate the cramping and although sceptical, I tried the recommended dosage. The transformation was quite remarkable. So much so that it helped my efforts to 3rd place overall when I questioned my ability to even complete that race because of my record of cramping after 40-50km.

I have no doubt that salt deficiency and the benefits of elete water are directly linked to my own personal performance requirements.

I extend much thanks to Dave Thomas for his advice throughout the run in Spain and I will continue to use and promote the product in all of my future endurance runs.

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