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First I want to say, ‘I love you guys.’ For ten years I have been going on century bike rides. The first one I went on, both calves cramped at the 50 mile mark. I was able to finish but going half the speed I had the potential of going. Ever since that first ride, no matter what I did I would always get cramps in my calves on every ride usually between the 60 and 75 mile mark. I felt frustrated seeing everyone pass me, knowing that I could go faster but wasn’t able to because my legs were twitching getting ready to cramp or I was nursing a cramped leg. I tried a lot of things to prevent cramping. I tried drinking more water, getting more sleep, eating bananas, using Icy Hot on my legs at rest stops. I bought biking shoes. Nothing worked.

Two years ago, I went on the Las Vegas Century ride. My legs cramped so bad that I had to walk up some of the hills. This last week end I rode 110 miles at the Las Vegas Century again. I was concerned about my legs cramping but I thought this time maybe by a miracle it would be different. I found that miracle. My bike was being tuned up at Guthries in Salt Lake. When I picked up my bike I saw your product. When the ad said this would stop cramping, I thought that this product is for me. I was sceptical at first thinking that this was another gimmick. I didn’t have anything to lose so I purchased it.

During the ride, I used it as directed. What can I say, I flew through the course. I had zero cramping, and zero twitching. It was the greatest feeling to be able to ride to my full potential instead of holding back. I cut off three hours from my time compared to two years ago. My average speed was 18 miles an hour, the fastest of any ride in the last ten years.

Thank you!

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