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Antoine La Stelley Lennox, CA - off-road motorcyclist

All I can say is ‘great product!!!’ As well as superb customer service. I have noticed that in most of your reviews customers are either runners or bicycle riders. I am neither. What I do is off-road motorcycle riding. You may think, “Why would I need cramp relief with a motor doing all of the work?” Well, riding off-road requires you to use your legs as shock absorbers, as a clamp to help you stay on the bike and not bounce off when standing, you use your legs and upper body muscles to move the bike around on tight trails when sitting, and your legs and feet are in an unnatural position for long periods of time. As you can see, we use our upper body as well as our legs quite extensively.

On the extended rides I do, I will always start getting leg cramps after about 75 miles of riding—even sooner if the trails are tight, winding and bumpy. The cramps usually start in my ankle and work their way up into my calf and thighs. They get so bad I have to get off of my bike in pain to the point that I can’t even stand and have to usually wait 15 minutes for the cramps to stop. Then the cramp cycle keeps repeating every half hour or less. But once I get them they never completely go away, they just subside until the next major cramp. They were so bad, I was about ready to give up riding my bike off-road altogether.

After doing a lot of research on cramps, I ran across some product endorsements for elete. The claims I read stated that the elete supplement would completely eliminate cramps. I was of course somewhat sceptical but thought, what did I have to lose except a little money and if this stuff works half as well as the claims I was seeing, I would be in rider heaven.

I’ve just completed a 500 mile off-road ride starting in San Fernando Valley, CA, going off-road through the mountains and desert to Las Vegas, NV. At best I was hoping that the cramps I usually get would either be reduced in severity or at least postponed. Well let me tell you, not only DID I NOT get any cramps during the entire two-day ride, I never even got to the point to where I felt the muscles trying to tighten up. What a joy it was to go on a ride for the first time in many years without pain. Thank you, elete, for such a great product. It really saved me on the last ride I did, and I will now look forward to future rides, because now I can worry more about keeping my wheels on the ground and on the trail instead of the fear of the pains received from cramps. Bottom line is that I can’t say enough about satisfaction I have for this stuff. It really is a miracle product. I also can’t wait to try it the next time I play tournament Softball, another sport I always get cramps while playing.

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