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How did you come across elete Electrolyte Add-In™?
“I am a nutrition and fitness nut. I was browsing companies and found elete and was immediately interested.”

Describe some of the specific benefits you’ve noticed using elete.
“Within the first week of adding elete Electrolytes to my water, I noticed a big difference. On the course, my energy level seems to stay constant throughout the day. Even after a long day at the golf course, I notice the difference at the gym. I do not feel as much as a loss of energy as I usually would feel at the end of a workout. The difference in using elete electrolyte water as opposed to just water is very noticeable.”

For the average person who participates in mild to moderate fitness activity, what would you tell them about elete? 
“I would tell the moderate athlete or any individual that it would make a dramatic difference in their performance. No matter what you participate in, adding elete Electrolytes to your water will allow your body to last longer and stay stronger.”

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