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SPC Van Etten, 118th MP Company Airborne, Iraq

I wish to thank you for elete. We are a military police company (Airborne) deployed to Iraq... Half of the Humvees don't have air-conditioning, and when we pull LPOPS (Listening and Observation Posts), we have to turn off the vehicle so we can listen for incoming rounds. At night with our doors combat locked, the only person who gets any breeze is the gunner located on top of the vehicle. Often, it will reach 120+ degrees. Needless to say, we end up drinking a lot of water at least 2 litres an hour. elete helps replenish our much needed demand [for electrolytes].

I've given elete to my unit, and I've had many of the men in my platoon and company ask me when I'll get more. Our medic gives the single-serving vials to people he treats for dehydration. He really appreciates those vials. I would just like to express my and a couple of hundred other guys' thanks’ because it's only going to get hotter here. Already, I can see a difference in those who use elete and those who drink water and Gatorade®*. Heck, most of the guys I know putelete™ in their Gatorade®*.

Thanks again!

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