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Dear Sirs:
In the spring of 2010 I was involved in a large propane explosion, which burned my face and arms. I was able to handle a lot of pain at first, but the trauma caused so much stress to my body that after three days my adrenals started shutting down and my electrolytes were getting way out of balance. I felt really lousy and depressed. I was at the time in the Burn ICU at the U of U. The care was excellent, but pharmaceuticals were the only offering for my condition and, for me, they made matters worse. I can’t adequately describe the state I was in. I didn’t feel like anything was working right, it was difficult to deal with the pain, I couldn’t hold onto the fluids (they went right on through), all of the nutrients were washing out as well. I didn’t feel like I was healing, but worse was the sense of being so very out of balance and feeling depressed. At my family’s insistence I was released from the ICU after only six days to being cared for at home. At home, we immediately started a regimen of herbs, salves, vitamins, natural foods and oils to promote healing. Despite all our efforts nothing seemed to help my out-of-balance condition.

A concerned friend gave me a bottle of elete. Within minutes of taking elete minerals I noticed a change for the better. That night after taking elete I slept restfully for the first time in over a week. Within days of taking elete and the adrenal support I felt whole again, I felt stronger and more able to deal with the constant pain associated with burns. As of this writing it has been just over four months. I have been healing remarkably well and see improvements daily. Burns are not quick to heal, but due to my dramatic improvements, I was able to return to work on a limited basis after only six weeks. In part, I owe these marked improvements to elete minerals. elete is part of my daily routine. I never realized how important electrolyte balance is.

Life is good! Thank you elete.

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