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I like to play really hard – ski patrol, hiking, biking, soccer. For years, every time I'd do a long activity, I would end up with a massive dehydration headache and basically sleep for the rest of the day. I drank tons of water and Gatorade®*, but it never helped. Almost every day that I patrolled, I would come home with the same headache. A friend gave me a sample of elete™, to try, and it was incredible. I use it in my hydration system every time I ski/hike/bike now, and since I've started, I have never gotten a headache! I used to drink 200 oz. or more on a long hike to try to avoid the headache, but now I can get away with about half that! I did an eight-hour hike today (in Utah in July) and felt great with under 100 oz. of water + elete™. (The physiology of it is very legitimate: a hypotonic solution like plain H20 causes dehydrated brain cells to swell up inside the skull = headache! But an isotonic solution like elete-water allows for re-hydration)! Thank you for inventing it!

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