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Stewart Wild MSc, Human Performance Director, Formula Fitness

Motor sport is a punishing and demanding environment for the driver and team, especially in endurance racing. I have been using Elete Electrolyte Add-In (elete water) for the past two years with, I believe, great success. 

My position, as the Human Performance Director of Formula Fitness, the UK's No 1 company for training Racing Drivers, is to make sure that both the drivers and the team are fit for purpose in the Le Mans 24 hour race.

Team personal work for up to 40 hours with no rest during the Worlds toughest race, keeping them hydrated and mentally alert during this period is challenging. Without doubt using elete water helps in the toughest of racing environments. All team members have there own 25ml bottle at all times. 

For the professional racing driver the challenge is even harder. In the heat of summer they are required to complete minimum double stints of driving for hours at a time and having to concentrate in the dead of night - takes its toll.

Optimal hydration for me is key for racing drivers to function properly but not just hydration with water. Key electrolytes are required for brain function and thus optimal concentration levels. elete water does all of this and more, it even allows for optimum hydration to be achieved using less water, which is important if your sitting in a car for three hours without a toilet.

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