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Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I virtually always wear the t-shirt when I train and have told a lot of people about the product as has my team mate. I spoke to them a while back and they said they maybe interested. As for the racing, I'm never without it. I love the stuff. I even use it for recovery and pre race / training. I feel refreshed, hydrated and clear minded when I use it. Before I would be riddled with cramp at the end of a race - and quite often mid race. Now I can honestly say that isn't the case. We raced this Sunday and I didn't cramp at all. Sadly we had lots of mechanical troubles that put us well down the order, but that's being addressed for the next race. I haven’t once used my nuun tablets as I couldn't stand the thought of that taste after using elete. We appreciate your help to the team.

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