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Well, I'm a very skeptical and cynical chap, but I can now say that I have given elete a proper test in harsh conditions

Most of us on the Al Andalus Ultra Trail were using it as it was sponsored by them. I've never really got on with Nuun, didn't like the fizz, got cramps, didn't like flavours. Temps in the week were up to 40'C and I could drink up to 9 litres of fluid during a day's stage, including 2.5litres in about 90 mins

Last time I used Nuun at a weekend adventure race (albeit at greater intensity of exercise) I couldn't tie my shoe lace without cramping and even woke up at night with cramps.

In Spain I ran for 5.30 to 8 hrs in high temps, up and down big hills for 5 days. The entire time I got no stomach cramps and only 2 muscle cramps while trying to cross my legs at dinner!!

I could not believe how well I felt all week, and whilst I cannot claim it all down to Elete (I did do some training!) I think it played a substantial part.

I'm sold and will use it a lot more in future.

ps Al Andalus is fantastic!!

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