Richard Yates UK 400 hurdles champion 2008 UK 400 hurdles under 23 British record holder, 5th in Commonwealth Games 2010 400 hurdles, 3rd in 4×400 Commonwealth Games 2010. pb; 49.06 seconds

I started using elete in November 2010 during my winter training programme. I train 6 days a week, and I compete internationally over 400 hurdles. Once you get to a certain level in the sport of athletics, there is only so much training and hard work that you can do and to gain a competitive advantage over the other athletes. You have to look to other areas such as nutrition and lifestyle.

I drink elete throughout the day whether I am training or not, and it is a simple, yet highly effective product , which helps me to recover faster between sessions and provides me with the optimum hydration levels and energy I need to get the most out of my running, lifting, and technical sessions. Prior to using elete I had suffered from muscular cramps during heavy training sessions and often had to cut sessions short, but this problem has now been eradicated. During heavy lactic tolerance sessions, I get a terrible feeling of nausea due to the lactic acid, which my body produces, and often find it hard to stomach sugary electrolyte drinks such as Lucozade® The neutral taste of elete is, therefore, a more pleasant and natural way to remain hydrated during training. The tablet option is also available, which I use when I am short of time.

On the whole, I believe that hydration is of massive importance to any individual whether you are competing in sport or not. I feel that elete has allowed me to train to my maximum during sessions, recover faster between sessions, and ensured that my energy levels have remained high throughout the day. I intend to continue using elete throughout the season, and I am optimistic as to the benefit it will have when I come to race over 400 hurdles in the 2011 season.