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  • Erol U. Chief physiotherapist at a UK championship football club

    The elete water has gone down very well with my players. I have 3-4 players who suffer from cramp during games of which one has tried every possible supplement and homeopathic mixture (vinegar, honey and hot water). His pattern of cramp was always kicking in at the 60- minute mark and never suffered from cramp in training. Since using elete none have reported any symptoms of cramp and it seems to have reduced the fear of cramp during evening games, which for some reason worried a couple of them probably down to previous experiences. The more symptomatic player has now stopped taking...

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  • Laurence Bloom – Head of Sports Science at Charlton Athletic FC

    I have been using Elete for about 6 months and have seen significant benefits of using it within our players. Since using Elete none of our players have experienced muscle cramps and players appear to maintain a better hydration status during high intensity training sessions and matches. Elete is a relatively cheap, although excellent product to ensure players are optimally hydrated pre, during and post high intensity training sessions. I would personally recommend this product to anyone who is serious about maximising their training and ensuring optimal performance on gameday

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