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  • Sergeant Ray Ealdama, Afghan National Police Mentor, Rcmp International Peace Operations, Camp Nathan Smith- Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team
Kandahar, Afghanistan

    This past summer in Kandahar was particularly hot. It was not uncommon for the temperatures to reach as high as 60+ Celsius (140+ F), with a daily average being mid 50+C (130+ F). Coupled with the fact that our members and soldiers were wearing and carrying well 60-75 pounds of equipment and weapons. The stifling heat was certainly enough to make any endeavour an exercise of pain and discomfort. Further to this, our area of operation experienced a shortage of water supplements. Both CivPol members and soldiers were rationed in their supplement usage, to only be distributed to elements "leaving...

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    First of all, thank you for letting me field your product on this deployment. In a country that doesn't drink water, but only tea, hydration is a large problem. Before receiving elete Electrolyte Add-In, I would see at least four to five heat-related patients a day. For each person, I would use the standard 2,000 ml LR and packs of ORS [Oral Re-hydration Solution] salts, but would see the same guys back. After I started using elete Electrolytes, my numbers have dropped significantly. I've saved on I.V. fluids. The soldiers are more active quicker and longer [hydrating with elete™] than...

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  • SPC Van Etten, 118th MP Company Airborne, Iraq

    I wish to thank you for elete. We are a military police company (Airborne) deployed to Iraq... Half of the Humvees don't have air-conditioning, and when we pull LPOPS (Listening and Observation Posts), we have to turn off the vehicle so we can listen for incoming rounds. At night with our doors combat locked, the only person who gets any breeze is the gunner located on top of the vehicle. Often, it will reach 120+ degrees. Needless to say, we end up drinking a lot of water at least 2 litres an hour. elete helps replenish our much needed demand [for electrolytes]. I've...

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  • SGT HILL, JOHN, C-CO SENIOR MEDIC (Forward deployed US Army Special Forces)

    Before receiving this product I would see at least 4 to 5 heat related patients a day....  after I started using elete electrolyte's products my numbers have dropped significantly. I've saved on I.V. Fluids and only give this product and the soldiers and more active quicker and long than with traditional means... since i have had each soldier in my company carry one bottle in their pocket at all times i have not had one person go down. Thank you elete electrolyte for helping me preserve the fighting strength of my unit.

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  • Gregory N. Fentress, NCOIC Ground Radar Systems, 727 EACS

    I just wanted to say thanks!  My deployed squadron commander gave me an "elete Pocket Bottle" the other day to help me get myself back to normal after a very hard run.
After I had finished my run I was a bit dizzy and felt ill.  I had already drank 16oz of regular water, but wasn't feeling any better. After that I was given a bottle of water with elete in it and within minutes I was feeling better.  It was pretty amazing the speed at which my body absorbed the electrolytes.  So I am going to add it to every...

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