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  • Jeff Lowe World-famous Mountain Climber

    elete CitriLyte Add-In is a climber’s best friend, scientifically proven to enhance the thirst-quenching and restorative effects of good old H2O.

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  • Michael Emery Exeter University Rag International Event

    I was introduced to elete by a friend and began using it after long runs and during archery competitions in which I noticed improvements in my recovery. When I undertook the Everest Base Camp trek for charity in July the whole team used elete, at the end of a day trekking we would all use elete to replenish our electrolytes and none of the team had any problems with dehydration at the extreme altitudes of the Himalayas. Even our guides said they noticed a beneficial difference in how they felt after using elete! It is a remarkable product and easily transportable especially on long treks!...

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