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  • Terry Howlett

    Thank you very much for sending me samples of your elite water, it has made a big difference to my performance in both Ice Hockey and Motor Cross as I don’t have to stop at all during an Ice Hockey game which means I have a huge advantage over other players as I’m not dehydrated, and when all the other riders in motor cross are growing tired and dehydrated while racing I’m still hydrated and ready to win!’ I have attached some images above of a recent expedition to Spain for motor cross I was using your products while I...

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  • Stewart Wild MSc, Human Performance Director, Formula Fitness

    Motor sport is a punishing and demanding environment for the driver and team, especially in endurance racing. I have been using Elete Electrolyte Add-In (elete water) for the past two years with, I believe, great success. 
 My position, as the Human Performance Director of Formula Fitness, the UK's No 1 company for training Racing Drivers, is to make sure that both the drivers and the team are fit for purpose in the Le Mans 24 hour race. Team personal work for up to 40 hours with no rest during the Worlds toughest race, keeping them hydrated and mentally alert...

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  • Antoine La Stelley Lennox, CA - off-road motorcyclist

    All I can say is ‘great product!!!’ As well as superb customer service. I have noticed that in most of your reviews customers are either runners or bicycle riders. I am neither. What I do is off-road motorcycle riding. You may think, “Why would I need cramp relief with a motor doing all of the work?” Well, riding off-road requires you to use your legs as shock absorbers, as a clamp to help you stay on the bike and not bounce off when standing, you use your legs and upper body muscles to move the bike around on tight trails when sitting,...

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