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  • Simon Berry, UK Ultra Running Champs, May 2009

    “61 miles on Elete at weekend and not a single cramp - not even on the hideous STILES. Also had another UltraRunner using it who has been plagued by cramps all year so far - and he was doing really well on it.”

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  • Dr Steve Epstein

    Well, I'm a very skeptical and cynical chap, but I can now say that I have given elete a proper test in harsh conditions

.Most of us on the Al Andalus Ultra Trail were using it as it was sponsored by them. I've never really got on with Nuun, didn't like the fizz, got cramps, didn't like flavours. Temps in the week were up to 40'C and I could drink up to 9 litres of fluid during a day's stage, including 2.5litres in about 90 mins

Last time I used Nuun at a weekend adventure race (albeit at greater intensity of exercise)...

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  • Mike M. Springville, UT - Marathon Runner

    This product saved my life in Moab. I cramped bad on lap 1, but 2, 3, and 4 no cramping. You have a customer for life. Thanks a lot.

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  • Kirk - Marathon Runner

    I have been racing for 10 years and have always been a chronic cramper. I lost placings in many, many races because of the cramping. I tried every solution under the sun—bananas, potatoes, salt supplements, every sports drink ever made—and nothing seemed to cure me. Some products seemed to extend the time I could ride before the cramps would start, but they did not prevent them. Last year a friend turned me on to elete. I have been using it ever since and I haven’t had a cramping episode yet! I am convinced that your product is responsible for my success...

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  • Ann Caldecott - Marathon Runner

    I have been using elete for one month and already have noticed a difference in my energy levels and muscle repair … I usually have it in my bottle while training-doing the London marathon in 2 wks but usually have it in my bottle while I’m at work…Absolutely love it!!!

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  • Dave Scott. Team Leader www.sand-baggers.com

    I have been competing, organising and leading desert expedition races and adventures in some of the World’s remotest parts for over 10 years. I know from first hand experience how difficult the maintenance of correct electrolyte balance can be. elete has taken the stress out of this crucial element of desert living for myself and my team. elete is easy to use, physiologically sound and importantly tasteless. I now recommend this product to anyone joining me on a trip to the wilds. www.sand-baggers.com

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  • Paul Hewitson

    Prior to the Alandalus ultra trail run in Spain I had always been plagued by severe cramps and crashes associated with insufficient balanced electrolyte reserves and processing which resulted in much slower times in ultra distance events compared to shorter runs. I encountered Dave Thomas at the race and enquired if elete water would be a suitable solution to this problem. He had no doubts that elete water would completely eliminate the cramping and although sceptical, I tried the recommended dosage. The transformation was quite remarkable. So much so that it helped my efforts to 3rd place overall when I...

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