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  • Matt Lovell – Elite Performance Nutritionist, advisor to an international Rugby Team & UK Athletics Nutritionist ahead of the 2012 Olympics

    I use elete for its benefits on improved hydration and all the positive feelings and improvement in performance this brings to my players. elete with its unique natural profile is one of my preferred sources of electrolyte support and its registration with Informed Sport ensures my clients’ complete confidence in the product.

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  • Glenn Kearney M.Sc., B. Phed., UK Athletics Senior Nutritionist

    In the last 15 years I have worked as a nutritionist across a range of professional sports including International Rugby & Cricket, Olympic level road and track cycling and more recently Athletics and flat water Canoeing for athletes preparing for the London 2012 Olympics. During this time I have been exposed to and trialled a number of products aimed at assisting hydration in the wide variety of climatic conditions faced by globe trotting athletes. elete electrolytes are by far my current top choice for a natural and adaptable solution to the crucial issue of hydration. Naturally sourced and without any...

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