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  • Steve Benedict

    I am currently a track and field sprinter running the one hundred and two hundred meters, training for the next Olympic games. I have recently been incorporating elete into my daily training and have seen great results. Training six days a week on the hot track surface and pushing my body to the limit, hydration becomes an important factor. Taking elete has kept me hydrated as well as helped me be able to finish my workouts with the same energy that I started them with. As a focused and determined athlete, I recommend anyone at any level of training to incorporate eleteinto your workouts and...

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  • Richard Yates UK 400 hurdles champion 2008 UK 400 hurdles under 23 British record holder, 5th in Commonwealth Games 2010 400 hurdles, 3rd in 4×400 Commonwealth Games 2010. pb; 49.06 seconds

    I started using elete in November 2010 during my winter training programme. I train 6 days a week, and I compete internationally over 400 hurdles. Once you get to a certain level in the sport of athletics, there is only so much training and hard work that you can do and to gain a competitive advantage over the other athletes. You have to look to other areas such as nutrition and lifestyle. I drink elete throughout the day whether I am training or not, and it is a simple, yet highly effective product , which helps me to recover faster between sessions and provides...

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